There are many more ways that you can help beyond monetary donations and volunteering. Take a look below to explore some great ways you can help pets in need.


Shop in our Paw Partners Unleashed Shopping Mall to support pets in need! We have Paw Partners Unleashed merchandise and other great items for your pets.


Host a donation drive to assist Paw Partners Unleashed in our efforts to help pets in need. This is a great and fun way for your company, school, church, social group, and even your neighborhood to come together to support the community! We can provide donation boxes, branded materials for distribution, wish lists, and help with creative ideas to make your donation drive a success!

Contact us at prior to hosting a donation drive so we can coordinate with you.


Clean out those closets or do a little budget shopping and donate items to Paw Partners Unleashed! Check out our wish list and drop them off at one of our donation locations 


Social media is a vital means of communication to the public. We post important information about our upcoming events, useful pet tips and information, and share fun, entertaining pictures of animals on our social media platforms.

Here are some easy ways that you can help:

  • Like Paw Partners Unleashed on Facebook and Instagram and invite your friends to Like our social media pages.
  • Participate by Liking and/or commenting on our social media posts.
  • Share our posts, especially event posts, to your personal, business, and/or group pages.
  • Occasionally post a photo of your pet to our Facebook page. We love to see photos of our friends’ furry family. Be sure to include their name(s) and feel free to tell a little story in the post.


Facebook Fundraisers are a great way to help support the mission and efforts of Paw Partners Unleashed. You can create a fundraiser to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, honor the memory of a pet, or to celebrate a pet’s birthday. You can even create a Facebook Fundraiser simply to support Paw Partners Unleashed.

Setting up a Facebook Fundraiser is easy! Visit to create your fundraiser and be sure to invite your friends to participate. No amount is too small. We are grateful for every dollar donated and when donations come through Facebook, they cover all of the fees which means that we receive 100% of the donation.

Donations received through Facebook Fundraisers are used to purchase supplies for our rescue partners that are not typically donated or high-volume items, such as cleaning supplies, potty pads, and other special request items.


Workplace giving is an easy, safe, and efficient way to support Paw Partners Unleashed. Many companies offer workplace giving programs where employees can help make a difference through payroll deductions.

Paw Partners Unleashed is a recognized recipient of funds from numerous giving campaigns. Simply sign up for your employer’s workplace giving campaign and use automatic payroll deduction to make your donation. Paw Partners Unleashed is typically found listed under Animal Charities

Matching Gifts

Many employers offer matching gift programs and will match, fully or in part, donations made by their employees. Through employer matching, your donation dollars are multiplied, maximizing the impact of your contribution. Check with your Payroll or Human Resources department to see if your workplace offers employee matching for donations.

Team Volunteering

Several companies have team volunteering programs where several employees volunteer with an organization at the same time. Some provide volunteer grants, where the company will provide Paw Partners Unleashed with a donation after a team of employees meet a designated number of volunteer hours.

Contact us for more information on workplace giving or to inquire about team volunteering.


  • Spread the word about Paw Partners Unleashed! Tell your friends and family about us and encourage them to participate.
  • Have a bake sale, lemonade stand, yard sale, car wash, etc. and donate the proceeds to Paw Partners Unleashed.
  • Send a donation in honor or memory of your pet. (click here) (target = Ways to Help, Donate, Tribute Donation)
  • Talk to your company about holding a donation drive.


  • Educate and spread the word to members of our community about animal welfare and the importance of adopting, spay/neuter, and that pets are not disposable.
  • Foster a pet in need through one of our Rescue Partners. Check out our rescue partners’ websites (target = Our Partners, Rescue Partners) for more information.
  • Adopt a rescue pet! Sadly, millions of pets are euthanized every year in the United States. By adopting from a shelter or rescue organization (target = Our Partners, Rescue Partners), you will be saving a life!
  • Donate In-Kind services or prizes for our events.