Paw Partners Unleashed supports nonprofit animal rescues by donating needed pet items and supplies. Our goal is to reduce some of the financial burden, allowing our rescue partners to focus their resources on the comfort, health, and well-being of the animals in their care so that they can do what they do best…save lives.

Our service is free to our rescue partners! Through generous donations and contributions from the community and corporate partners, we are able to provide supplies to our rescue partners free of charge. Our rescue partners also benefit from fundraisers such as, our monthly Pins for Paws bowling fundraiser and our annual Growloween event.


We collect and donate new and gently used pet items and other needed supplies. Our network of volunteers enables us to collect and maintain an inventory of supplies to provide to our rescue and community partners, as needed. Each partner has a wish list tailored to their specific needs. This helps our volunteers to distribute donations appropriately (e.g., rescues specializing in small dog breeds do not need items for large dogs).


Pins for Paws is a community driven bowling fundraiser designed to assist animal rescues with veterinary care expenses and to raise awareness for responsible pet ownership. Launched in May of 2018, Pins for Paws monthly event proceeds have enabled us to donate over $37K toward rescues’ medical expenses.

Each Pins for Paws event features a different “Rescue of the Month,” selected in a random drawing of animal rescues enrolled in our Rescue Partner Program. The goal of Pins for Paws is to raise as much money as possible to make a large impact on the participating rescue’s medical bills.

One hundred percent of the event proceeds are paid directly to the Rescue of the Month’s designated animal hospital to help pay their outstanding balance and/or develop a credit account toward future medical bills.

Click for more information about our Pins for Paws events or to purchase tickets.


Adopt a pet from one of our rescue partners – save a life and bring joy into your home!

Our Adoption Referral Program is a coordinated effort between Paw Partners Unleashed and our many rescue partners to provide an additional avenue to help publicize adoptable pets and help them find loving forever homes.

Whether you adopt or just want to help, please consider donating toward rescue’s veterinary expenses. Donation dollars are much needed to assist rescues in their ongoing mission of helping animals in need. Donations for each animal are specifically delegated to help the rescue they are with.

To view adoptable pets and more information on donating to help, Click here.